Reflection: Coaching and Mentoring A Double-Dose of Series Application - Section 2: Problem 2


For the second problem in this lesson, and the second phase of the "Double Dose", I thought that it would be beneficial for the students to hear from someone other than myself.  This semester, and actually quite regularly, I have a cadet teacher in my classroom who I try to incorporate into a variety of lessons.  The cadet teachers in our high school are upper classman aspiring educators who are looking to get a taste of the field.  

Despite the challenging nature of this problem and its explanation, my cadet teacher did an OUTSTANDING job communicating with the students, and most importantly, not giving away the answer as they worked through it.  I credit a lot of this to the fact that I began my conversations with the cadet teacher over a week in advance of the lesson.  This allowed me to review the concepts with them, any potential stumbling blocks that the students might encounter, and also allow the cadet teacher to modify and adapt from my original plan (with my approval, of course).  Thanks to this, the cadet teacher was fully prepared and confident in the lesson.  We also were able to have many great conversations about student engagement and "not giving answers away too soon" - which is a challenging thing for a young teacher to grasp.  

It is important that aspiring educators be put in situations that build their confidence and allow them to be reflective about their experiences.  I would highly encourage you to invest in the future of education every change that you get - it can be really energizing and affirming in your own teaching practice.   

  Incorporating a Cadet-Teacher into the Lesson
  Coaching and Mentoring: Incorporating a Cadet-Teacher into the Lesson
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A Double-Dose of Series Application

Unit 3: Sequences and Series
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to make use of structure to further apply their knowledge of series to two challenging scenarios.

Big Idea: The students will persevere through a ‘series’ of challenging problems on their way to building their knowledge of series!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Algebra, Patterns (Algebra), Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
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