Reflection: Rigor How Much Paint Do We Need? - Section 2: Active Engagement


This lesson was simple to plan.  The wood was cut and the skills have been taught.  However, noticing when to give a student a performance task that is packed with real-world, rigorous work, is not as easy.

All too often, teachers are so busy that when lessons are taught, we move on and forget to come back around and ask the students to apply those skills in a way that is meaningful and exciting.  

This lesson, I believe, requires students to remember and apply many skills for a real reason-we need to get paint for the bat houses that they are building and donating to the community in order to help save the Little Brown Bat. 

  Sometimes "Easy" Really Is Rigorous
  Rigor: Sometimes "Easy" Really Is Rigorous
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How Much Paint Do We Need?

Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to apply their measurement and area strategies to figure out how much paint will be needed to cover the surface of the bat houses.

Big Idea: This lesson is a real world task that combines many skills the students have learned throughout the school year.

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