Reflection: Gradual Release Editing Research Papers - Section 3: Independent Practice: Editing Research Papers


At this point in the year, one of my goals with this lesson is student independence. I want students to be able to not just work on their own but also to problem-solve on their own. Many students want me to hold their hand and do the work for them. They want to do what the teacher wants. When it comes to editing, especially for the last major writing assignment, I want students to use all the skills and strategies we have practiced since September on their own. Some students who have questions I tell them to use their resources and try and figure it out on their own. There will be some students though we do need direct guidance based on their level.

I can't spend the time to edit each student's 6 page research paper. I want them to own this paper and this is one step in accomplishing that. By forcing students to do this on their own and taking a step-back students take a large sense of pride and accomplishment in their written work.

  Student Independence
  Gradual Release: Student Independence
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Editing Research Papers

Unit 7: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part III
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT independently edit research papers focusing on punctuation, grammar, etc.

Big Idea: Using an editing checklist to check for mistakes.

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