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Critical Friends Teacher Group

Despite how busy and crazy the school year can be, one of the best practices that I have encountered among teachers is the Critical Friends protocol.  If your school or district has a structured collaboration time, and you find yourself looking for beneficial collaboration between teachers among different disciplines, a Critical Friends group might be for you.  On a weekly basis, 3-4 other teachers and myself get together to share ideas and happenings in our classes.  Usually, we focus our conversation on an upcoming unit, large scale problem, or perhaps a project that the students are going to be participating in.  We share ideas and ask questions – ultimately making the product better before it actually hits the students.  On numerous occasions I have improved an activity that I am building, or even one that I had ran in the past.  From a math teaching perspective, it is also great to get the input from other (non-math) teachers because they will look at the problem or activity similar to the way that the students will look at it.  I always tune in closely to listen to these teachers’ comments!  

Critical Friends is a great way to improve a project, share teaching strategies, and build a collaborative community of educators. 

  Critical Friends Teacher Group
  Learning Communities: Critical Friends Teacher Group
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Let's Help the 6th Graders!

Unit 4: Statistics: Something for Everyone
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Objective: The students will be able use sample data from a 6th grade "boat building" project to draw statistical conclusions.

Big Idea: Multi-dimensional collaboration and real application of concepts… all with the goal of helping the 6th graders analyze and understand their polystyrene cargo ship data!

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Math, Statistics, master teacher project, Algebra II
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