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The Target Number Dash game was identified by the K-5 Math Teaching Resources website as a fifth grade game.  I believe the game is appropriate for CCSS 3.OA.8, but knew it was also a challenge for my students.  With repeated practice, they were able to work above their grade level to solve more complex number sentences.  

One of the most interesting questions occurred the second time we played this game.  One of my students asked, "What if we want to have the a different operation come first in the game?" This provided the next mini lesson on the order of operations and the common mnemonic of Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS).  While my third graders were not all ready for this level of rigor, I decided to teach them about the parentheses.  Because they were not ready for exponents at this time, I chose not to introduce this concept except to provide the vocabulary term.  I only explained this would be something they would learn about in future grades. 

  Vertical Alignment
  Vertical Alignment: Vertical Alignment
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Target Number Game

Unit 6: Multiplication 2
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: SWBAT apply order of operations to create number sentences to reach a target number.

Big Idea: Playing a game for the order of operations engages students in math fact review and builds fluency.

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Math, order of operations, commutative property of multiplication, fluency, word problems, multiplication, multiplication models, area model
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