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While this lesson is focused on the state assessments, I only use this lesson as a formative assessment in my classroom.  This is my opportunity to focus my teaching on standards where the students show a need for more support.  The information gained from using the bubble sheet scoring also provides the students with practice for the type of questions and answer responses that will be encountered on the state assessments.  Because my classroom has been more focused on performance assessments, this type of standardized test preparation is needed.  By creating stations, the students are more engaged in what is basically review and practice. The "setting" can make all the difference!

  Classroom Setup: Stations
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Multiplication Review

Unit 8: Review for Testing
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT model and explain multiplication.

Big Idea: This lesson reviews several different standards for multiplication prior to state testing.

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Math, review, multiplication, division, perimeter, area model, fractions
  50 minutes
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