Reflection: Intervention and Extension Formalizing Properties Known Informally - Section 3: Writing tangent and cotangent in terms of sine and cosine


One question that comes up a lot is why I write sec(theta) as -3/2 instead of 3/-2.  

This question tells me that the students are still not proficient with fractions. To clarify I begin by asking what mathematical operation is done when you have a fraction. I then ask is -3 divided by 2 is equivalent to 3 divided by -2? 

Once the students realize that both computations give the same decimal, I explain that the st standard convention is to either make the numerator negative or put the negative in front of the fraction.  I usually put the negative on top to reduce confusion about what is written. I explain that the negative in the denominator is less noticeable and that the negative on the side sometimes looks like it is just part of the notation. 

When I grade work I give credit for the negative in any position of the fraction and notice that the students will move the negative to the top as the year progresses.

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Formalizing Properties Known Informally

Unit 9: Trigonometric Identities
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use properties of trigonometric functions to evaluate other functions

Big Idea: How can I find the value of other trigonometric functions if I only know one or two values?

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Math, Trigonometric Identites, Verifyting Identites
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