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I like using students as the teacher when putting information on the board. My students love to use the Smart board and have control of the class.  I have many students that participate in theater so having a student directing the class can be entertaining. I do at times need choose the "teacher" carefully since some of the students can be over dramatic and distract from the learning task.

This method works well if you have a student that is always wanting to answer the questions and the other students know they do not need to work since no one will call on them. Have the student who you know understands be the teacher and he can call on the other students.

One advantage of using a student to call on others and record the responses is that you can move around the room and see who is engaged and who is confused. If I see a student struggling I talk to the student to find out what they do not understand and then ask questions to have the "teacher" answer.

  Student as a Teacher
  Routines and Procedures: Student as a Teacher
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Formalizing Properties Known Informally

Unit 9: Trigonometric Identities
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use properties of trigonometric functions to evaluate other functions

Big Idea: How can I find the value of other trigonometric functions if I only know one or two values?

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Math, Trigonometric Identites, Verifyting Identites
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