Reflection: Joy Modern Research Synthesis (Day 3 of 3): Hot Seat Debate - Section 3: Hot Seat Debate


To be honest with you, my teaching partner and I were really nervous that this discussion would fizzle after about 30 minutes and we would have a huge chunk of time left to fill during this final class period. Nothing could have prepared us for what actually happened. 

Students were so engaged in the debate, that when we tried to stop them, they complained and pointed out that we had 15 minutes left of class. As such, we shortened our speech giving to allow them to continue their discussion to a place where they felt like they were finished. 

Their discussion was thoughtful, well-supported and polite. They definitely had points of contention, specifically with the topic of women, but they were respectful of differing opinions and offered very solid arguments backed up with reasonable support every time they countered something said by a peer. 

This whole week has made me very proud of all that my students have accomplished. Moreover, it has made me very sad to say goodbye to them. This group has had a unique and wonderful chemistry that I know is equally influenced by classroom norms and set-up and just a great group of students. I will truly miss them next year. 

  Engaged Students Rock!
  Joy: Engaged Students Rock!
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Modern Research Synthesis (Day 3 of 3): Hot Seat Debate

Unit 18: Assessing the Standards: Final Project
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives by participating in a hot seat debate style discussion.

Big Idea: We have come to our last day. Students will use this last bit of time together to discuss controversial ideas using evidence and thoughtful discussion techniques.

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