Reflection: Lesson Planning Laying the Foundation Day 2 - Section 3: Guided Practice


An 'ah-ha' moment for me during this lesson was noting that when I instructed my students to re-read their passages and put their bookmarks under the word they were suppose to find, I realized they could not see the rest of the text underneath their bookmarks.  Which is ok when you want students to focus on reading one word or sentence at a time, but I wanted them to use the text to help gain word clues.  Knowing there had to be a solution to this situation I went to my colleagues who teach Special Education and RSP.  These teachers suggested using wikki stix, tracking tape, or reading tracker tools to underline the words or text, all are available at local teacher supply stores.  After experimenting with these items I found I liked the reading tracker tool the best because my students did not play with it and it did not end up on the floor.

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Laying the Foundation Day 2

Unit 3: Learning New Words and Making Discoveries
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use text and picture clues to learn new or unfamiliar words.

Big Idea: Your student’s attention will become razor sharp when learning new or unfamiliar words.

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