Reflection: Perseverance Modern Research Synthesis (Day 1 of 3): Gallery Walk - Section 3: Gallery Walk Summary: Whole Group


I always work really hard to make sure that my final assessment includes some element of review as well as application of learned skills. With this final, I not only want students to analyze current events and demonstrate their ability with the most recent unit of study, I want them to see how all the history and literature that we have been looking at this year represents the process of modernization and then give them the opportunity to discuss the correlation between our modern world and the what we've been studying all year. 

I made sure to do the brainstorming today to assist in this process, but also as a way to celebrate all that they have accomplished. I think it is good for students to take a step back from the work they are immersed in to see where we've been over the course of the year. The kids were really impressed when they saw the breadth of our list. I think they forgot how much we have done this year until they saw it all listed out in front of them. I had them all take a hand and pat themselves on the back for the hard work and thinking that they have engaged in. I'm so proud of them...and I hope that they are equally proud of themselves. 

  End of the Year Review of Learning
  Perseverance: End of the Year Review of Learning
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Modern Research Synthesis (Day 1 of 3): Gallery Walk

Unit 18: Assessing the Standards: Final Project
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to write informational text by presenting their final, researched projects to their peers.

Big Idea: As we begin our final week of class, students will share information with each other about modern world affairs.

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