Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Building Creatures Day 2 - Section 3: Station Time


As students were cleaning up front the building of their creature (previous lesson), some of them were placing extra items on their creation.  Instead of asking them to take it off, I figured I would notice if other students realized their supply cost were greater than 25¢.  

As students noticed this, I asked them to explain why that was and how much over 25¢ the creature cost.  I have included a  clip of this discussion More Than 25 Cents.  

  Discourse and Questioning: Teachable Moment
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Building Creatures Day 2

Unit 16: Money!
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT add up the cost of supplies used. SWBAT use coins to pay for a total amount.

Big Idea: Today your students will figure out the total cost of each creature built in the previous day's lesson.

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Math, Money, Number Sense and Operations, Place Value, 1st Grade, finding the cost
  75 minutes
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