Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Breaking the Code: Understanding Good Reader Strategies (Left side activity) - Section 1: The Magic Hat


The lesson introduction didn't go as I had planned because the students didn't have the background knowledge of the specific strategies.  They knew that a good reader reads a lot and that a good reader reads fluently along with other ideas, but they didn't know to preview, predict, etc.  I had to do much more front loading with information than I had planned.  During the actual lesson, I ended up letting the students record the strategies on their KWL chart according to their knowledge of them.  For example, if they knew what predict was, they could record it in the K column.  If they didn't know what summarize was then they recorded it in the W column.  

  Reflection: They Need Background Knowledge
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Reflection: They Need Background Knowledge
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Breaking the Code: Understanding Good Reader Strategies (Left side activity)

Unit 2: Good Reader Tricks Revealed
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explain and give examples of each of the good reader strategies: Preview/ Predict, Question, Visualize/ Infer, Connect, Summarize and Evaluate.

Big Idea: Comprehending fiction and nonfiction texts is not a magic trick. Students will uncover the tricks of being a better reader by understanding how and when to use good reader strategies.

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