Reflection: ELL Students Poetry Analysis: Finishing Up Poems for Two Voices - Section 2: Modeling and Analyzing


One effective way I've found to differentiate assignments such as this for my ELL and/ or IEP students is to limit the number of questions they have to answer.  Depending upon their achievement level, I tell them to answer only one or two questions instead of all three.  Sometimes I've even folded the paper back so they don't even see all the questions, or, if I let them choose the questions, I then cut the other questions apart from the one they're going to answer.  Now, some of my kiddos are overachievers and will finish a question and ask if they can do another one.  "Of course," I say!!  "Look how smart you are!" and they will either unfold their paper and choose another or ask for the ones I've cut apart from theirs.  Either way, this one simple differentiation technique can work to build confidence in your ELL or IEP kiddos without costing any extra preparation time for you.  

  Reflection: Differentiation
  ELL Students: Reflection: Differentiation
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Poetry Analysis: Finishing Up Poems for Two Voices

Unit 19: Pondering Poetry
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT analyze a poem from the book "Joyful Noise: A Poem for Two Voices" as far as structure and word choice are concerned.

Big Idea: Demonstrating understanding through writing is a necessary life skill.

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English / Language Arts, poetic technique, Poetry, poetic style, Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, Paul Fleischmann
  65 minutes
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