Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Area Model Comparison - Section 4: Student Practice


During today's lesson, I provided students with diverse entry points by giving each student a small rectangle (made from a notecards). This way, students who struggle with creating two equivalent rectangles would be able to draw two models that were the exact same size: Constructing Area Models. Some students chose to use this rectangle template while others were able to go without it.

If I was to teach this lesson again in the future, I would provide students with practice comparing easier fractions using area models prior to comparing more complicated fractions. Many students understood the area model, but struggled with constructing an 8 x 9 array. Even I had a difficult time making sense of their drawings! 

  Diverse Entry Points: Rectangle Template
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Area Model Comparison

Unit 10: Fractions
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: SWBAT compare fractions using area models.

Big Idea: Students will explore how to use a variety of strategies to compare fractions, but will focus primarily on the process of decomposing area models to compare fractions with uncommon denominators.

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Math, Measurement and Methods, Fractions, area model, decomposing, comparing fractions, ruler, fraction equivalency, fraction tiles
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