Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Examining the Use of Two Voices in Poetry - Section 2: A Deeper Look at Poet's Craft


Because of the introductory lesson I did with this unit and because I listened to what the students did NOT say, I had a pretty good idea of the extent of their prior knowledge before I began these lessons.  My students had a good grasp of poetry and showed an ability to analyze it.  For what it's worth, their third grade teachers LOVE poetry and do a great job of teaching it every year so they come to me prepared to analyze.  If your students are not ready for these lessons, then you may need to slow the unit down while you build background knowledge.  If you don't, students will get frustrated and will shut down and you will not achieve the desired learning outcome.  

You could also do literature circles of sorts with this book, Joyful Noise:  Poems for Two Voices as one for your advanced readers and then teach these lessons in small groups.  Whatever you do, don't forget to gauge your students' prior knowledge before beginning this series of lessons.  

  Reflection: Prior Knowledge
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Reflection: Prior Knowledge
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Examining the Use of Two Voices in Poetry

Unit 19: Pondering Poetry
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT explain how the use of two voices in a poem affects the reader's experience.

Big Idea: Deep understanding of a poet's craft enhances the overall comprehension of the poem.

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English / Language Arts, poetic technique, poetic style, Poetry, Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices, Paul Fleischmann
  70 minutes
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