Reflection: Flexibility Long Vowels & Limericks-Looking at Poetry - Section 4: Teacher's Turn


You may notice that the powerpoint in this video looks a little different than the one you can download.  I tweaked the limericks in the powerpoint to make the rhyme better and have more vowel variety, but I forgot I had already uploaded it to Better Lesson. The one that you download is correct, but if you're watching the videos of my teaching, you may notice a difference.  My kids certainly did. It was great to see them paying attention and catching the errors - it keeps them on their toes!

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Long Vowels & Limericks-Looking at Poetry

Unit 14: Poetry-Rhythm, Rhyme, Repeated Words-Let's Look at Different Kinds of Poetry
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT distinguish long vowels in regular spelled one-syllable words and common vowel teams.

Big Idea: Look at Limericks for Long Vowels!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, Poetry, rhyme, figurative language (Poetry), 2nd Grade, limericks, long vowels, vowel teams, rhythm
  55 minutes
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