Reflection: Rigor Close Reading: MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech" - Section 4: Evaluation


It's clear that this speech was written well above the average sixth grader's lexile level, but I still use it around this time, year after year.  It is a struggle to get through, and each year I do wonder if it is worth it.  

I think it's why:  This speech and Martin Luther King's plight are cornerstones of America.  Even though it was written a while back, ancient times, for sixth graders, it is absolutely relevant to my students today.  Once they've been exposed to the speech, they begin to reference it often in class.  In poetry, they bring up repetition, "Just like in the "I Have a Dream speech!"  They reference King's imagery when they write narratives.  They discuss MLK's struggle as learn about other leaders in class.  The compare his fight to the struggles of other people and fictional characters.  Reading important literary and non-fiction masterpieces,  such as this speech, change the students.  It opens their eyes and teaches them something about life.  

That's why I keep doing it even when it's hard and the students get crabby.  It's worth it.  

  It's Worth It
  Rigor: It's Worth It
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Close Reading: MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech"

Unit 5: Informational Text
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze a "I Have a Dream Speech" and determine what components make it effective.

Big Idea: How did MLK communicate his dream?

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