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This student demonstrates proficiency in editing his own writing even though there were some errors. He found words that had been left out and indicated where they should go with a caret. Some parts of the ear were misspelled, but he is not expected to know how to spell such technical terms, such as auditory, at this grade level. However, his spellings are close and phonetically correct. Other errors were minor, (finaly, mouve, thats) and do not hinder readability and comprehension. 

  Student Self-Assessment: Demonstration of Proficiency
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Writing: Hear with the Ear - Editing

Unit 9: Speaking & Listening
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use feedback from their peers to strengthen their writing during the editing process.

Big Idea: Students work with a partner to edit their speech as they prepare to give a presentation on how sound moves through the ear.

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