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Homework is a necessary evil.  It provides independent practice outside of the classroom to strengthen skills taught during the day.  It also teaches responsibility and fosters independence. In addition, homework provides a link between home and school and allows parents to feel that they are a part of the school day and a partner in their child's education.

Why then is homework evil?  Most fourth graders aren't mature enough to see the big picture and how homework helps them nor how completion of homework builds them up as a learner and builds skills necessary to be a successful adult and I have some who NEVER complete a homework assignment.  Homework is evil because it has to be assigned and it has to be collected and kiddos have to be held responsible.

My students know that they owe recess if they miss a homework assignment so they can complete it, but the flip side of that argument is that kids need their recess.  See what I said, evil!!  So, that is my struggle, but I will keep on keeping on trying to balance kiddos missing recess with kiddos needing to complete homework.  I would love to hear solutions that other people have found that work.

  Reflection: Homework Expectations
  Rules and Consequences: Reflection: Homework Expectations
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What Is a Poem?

Unit 19: Pondering Poetry
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT explain the features of poetry as well as understand and demonstrate the correct way to read a poem.

Big Idea: Like any genre, one must understand the foundational elements before true comprehension can take place.

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