Reflection: Real World Applications Fundraiser Finance (Pickles for a Profit) - Section 3: Guided Discussion - How to Calculate the Profit Per Item


Students were highly engaged in this task because it had real meaning for them.  They were making decisions about the items that were going to be sold at a fundraiser that they were organizing, so they felt a strong personal connection to the task and, in this instance, the reason for the fundraiser at well.  I was telling them the truth when I said I needed their help to figure out what the cost should be for each item.  Additionally, the ability to manipulate real objects that are going to be part of a real-world scenario made the abstract tasks of creating and solving problems related to cost per item, sale cost, and eventually total profit accessible to them.  

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Fundraiser Finance (Pickles for a Profit)

Unit 15: Solving Mult-Step Word Problems Using the Four Operations
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Objective: SWBAT use all four operations to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of items sold at a fundraiser.

Big Idea: Engaging students in analyzing the cost-benefit of selling different food items at a fundraiser provides real-world, two-step word problems!

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