Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Continental Congress - Everyone has a Demand and a Plan - Section 3: Reading and Responding


When we created this unit, we made changes to the depth of lessons taught regarding the Revolutionary War to address CCSS expectations and also to give students more understanding of the wording of our Constitution. Problem was that for some students history is "not interesting" and "about old people from long ago". When I heard this I knew that I had to make changes in the way I presented the information to hold their attention and get them involved in their learning.

In this lesson I wanted them to take the excitement they just felt and the feeling of injustice from all the acts that were passed (opening challenge activity) and to apply this to the indifference portrayed by Britain. This emotional involvement helped them become more self motivated to read and learn. The outcome was better than I had expected - students did not want to stop the discussions and even took them out to the playground as they shared through lunchtime.  Yeah! love when they love learning as much as I love teaching!

I wanted to give them a visual picture to attach to their emotional feelings so I chose The Revolutionary War book to show visuals of what each event may have looked like. They loved the book so I added copies to each of their book bags to be read at their center time.   

  emotional involvement
  Intrinsic Motivation: emotional involvement
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Continental Congress - Everyone has a Demand and a Plan

Unit 4: Our American's Revolution - A Time For Change
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT...summarize the four counter demand plans presented at the First Continental Congress and debate orally and in writing the pros and cons of each claim with reasons and evidence

Big Idea: Group brainstorming for ideas is productive in getting many ideas shared, but can be a set back if the group cannot decide on one idea. Students become members of Continental Congress to help them decide on a course of action for the colonists.

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