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We have spent many, many lessons on revision during this year. We revised our personal narratives, document based question essays, and informative text pieces, which focused on an element from science. Since I have spent so much time on revision, I want to see if students are able to revise on their own without so much hand holding. This lesson very much allows me to assess students ability to take certain concepts and work on them on their own. This as a type of lesson that allows students to teach themselves, and hopefully it will make the most impact on their writing because of that.

Gradual release can be scary and daunting for teachers, but I promise it's the most rewarding. When students can find insights into their own writing on their own, they knowledge they gain about themselves and about their writing are some of the best lessons they will learn this year.

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Revising Research Papers

Unit 7: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part III
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT revise their research papers with a focus on content and wording.

Big Idea: Revising takes practice and practice makes perfect.

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