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In two of my three Algebra II classes I decided not to give this exit quiz.  The students were in the heat of battle in the game and were extremely engaged.  As they participated throughout the period, I had an excellent feel for how they were doing and I did not feel the need to give the quiz.  I was also afraid that they would riot if I called of the game and asked them to take the quiz... they were REALLY getting into it!

In my third class, the battleship games became slightly less focused as the period went on.  I felt as though the exit quiz was key in this period to provide closure to the day.  It also helped me asses the students skills, because I spent much of the middle portion of the period trying to motivate the students.  It is amazing how different classes can take on different personalities, and I was thankful to have the exit quiz available to help me assess the students' learning.

  To Quiz or Not to Quiz?
  Lesson Planning: To Quiz or Not to Quiz?
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An "Exponentially" Rewarding Battle!

Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 5 of 21

Objective: The last several lessons have thrown a lot of conceptual-level exponential properties and functions at the students. This lesson, however, will strive to give the students a more focused opportunity to review the mathematical properties and strategies that we have covered in the unit so far. The day also concludes with a short checkpoint quiz, which assesses student growth and current areas of weakness.

Big Idea: This lesson serves as a “Battleship” review of real number exponents (both irrational and rational) as well as solving exponential equations. Students engage in battle while trying to sink a partner’s fleet of answers!

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