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During the closure, I showed students the mean number of people per household for the U.S., Massachusetts, and Somerville.  I asked students, “How can the mean number of people be a decimal?”  Students participated in a Think Pair Share.  At first, students struggled to explain the decimals.  Students asked if pets counted or if a pregnant woman would account for a decimal.  Then a student raised their hand and explained that if the sum of a group of numbers could not be split up equally there would be a decimal.  I asked the students to use blocks to give an example.  The student demonstrated that if there were 15 people in a total of 4 households, the mean would be 3.75 people.  I wanted students to see that all of the four households had a whole number of people, but since 15 was not divisible by 4 the mean was a decimal.  

  How can the mean number of people be a decimal?
  Real World Applications: How can the mean number of people be a decimal?
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Unit 9: Statistics
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Objective: SWBAT: • Define and identify the mode, mean, median, and range of a data set. • Create values in a data set that will have a particular mean. • Compare data sets and make observations.

Big Idea: What does the mean mean? Students work with blocks to understand that the mean is a number that evens out a distribution.

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