Reflection: Perseverance How Can We Get It All Done? - Section 2: Active Engagement


As these boys were finishing up and determining the "extra" time in the schedule, I realized they had made a mistake.  Listen to  how I tell them to check their math.  After I point this out, I leave for awhile and let them grapple with the error. 

After I return, they have located the area of their mistake and are struggling with their strategy, which was to add the 45 minutes in 2:45 and 45 more minutes for the next task in their head. When they did this, they got 2:90, which they then regrouped to 3:15.  I encouraged them to go back to the open number line strategy and they were able to revise. 

Walking away during a struggle is hard for teachers to do, but it is so necessary sometimes to put trust in the students and faith in the teaching you have already done.  I find that it also keeps the problem with the students and they persevere for a greater length of time. 

  Revision of Work
  Perseverance: Revision of Work
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How Can We Get It All Done?

Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to apply their strategies for calculating elapsed time in order to build a schedule for our bat house construction day.

Big Idea: Students have been learning how to calculate elapsed time. Today, they will begin with a real world problem and apply their skills.

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Math, Number lines , Geometry, Measurement and Methods, word problems, elapsed, elapsed time, clocks, schedules, real world problems, adding and subtracting time, shapes
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