Reflection: Coherence The Power of Names - Section 3: Nonfiction Focus: The New Yorker Essay


An afterthought occurred to me, something that could have been easy to do and not too intrusive on my students' "zone of proximal development", I think.

The next time I use this essay, I will number the paragraphs in the margins before I xerox copies for my students.  Because the first paragraph of the essay is interrupted by graphics (the maluma and the takete), I found myself having to explain over and over again that the first paragraph actually continues after the graphics.  For my students who jump right into directions, they were constantly re-numbering, and I heard a lot of "Wait . . . why do I  have more than seven paragraphs?" throughout the day.  

A small glitch that wasted a bit of time, that could have been easily avoided, allowing us more time to read more of the essay as a whole class.

  Prepping the Essay
  Coherence: Prepping the Essay
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The Power of Names

Unit 2: Literary Analysis: The House on Mango Street
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT read an essay from The New Yorker about word and name connotations and develop paragraph-by-paragraph mini summaries of the essay.

Big Idea: "All seagulls look as though their name were Emma" (Christian Morgenstern)

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