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In this lesson, students do a lot of self-guided learning and discovery as they complete this project with their group or partner. I use reflection questions at the end of the lesson to get feedback on what students took away from this assignment and what misconceptions they may still have.  I read the answers to student reflection questions and use these answers to guide re-teach and subsequent conversations and check-ins I have with students. Further, I use these reflection questions to spark discussion as a class. 

These reflection questions inform me of students mastery but they also provide a way for students to stretch their thinking about the work they have done and gives us a starting point for having useful and deep class discussions. 

  Student Reflections
  Student Feedback: Student Reflections
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Graphing our Snack Mix: Review of graphing

Unit 7: Bar Graphs
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT make bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs by tallying the contents of snack mix.

Big Idea: Students review how to make bar graphs, line plots, and pictographs by tallying the contents of snack mix and building graphs to show their data.

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Math, line plot, Graphing, group work, Reflection questions, bar graph, pictograph, bar graph
  50 minutes
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