Reflection: Checks for Understanding Money word problems: How much more do I need? - Section 4: Independent Practice


In multi-step word problems like the ones we work on in this lesson, it is oftentimes difficult to determine why students are not solving the problem correctly or where the breakdown of knowledge occurs.  For instance, in this lesson students need to (1) accurately add three money amounts and determine total, (2) determine how much more money they need beyond $1.00, and (3) accurately choose the correct coins to show how much more money they need.  

Questions like these are rigorous and encourage students to use their knowledge of coins in practice but at first glance is can be difficult for us as teachers to determine where the breakdown of knowledge occurs for students who do not solve the problem accurately. 

During independent practice, I circulated and checked in with students, I also kept track of student understanding of the various components of this problem by using the checklist attached. When I saw students' correctly executing each part of the problem I gave them a check on the progress monitoring checklist.  By the end of the independent practice, I had a visual that showed me roughly which students had shown understanding of each component of the problem. I was then able to easily re-teach concepts to students or check in with students who had seemed shaky on one or more component of the problem. 

For me, keeping a checklist helps me keep track of student understanding and provide targeted interventions and re-teach for students who are struggling. 

  Checks for Understanding: Determining Breakdown of Student Knowledge in Multi-step Word Problems
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Money word problems: How much more do I need?

Unit 10: Money
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT determine how much more money they need to get to a designated total.

Big Idea: Students solve word problems to determine how much more money they need and then draw the coins necessary to make a total.

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