Reflection: Checks for Understanding Fractional Parts of an Hour: An Investigation - Section 3: Active Engagement


Some students grasp this concept immediately and others struggle.  I monitor them and check for understanding and immediately intervene if they are confused about how we are dividing up the hour into fractional parts.  I ask guiding questions to redirect them or give extra scaffolding by counting out the fractional parts of an hour with them.  By this, I mean that for 5 minute increments we count together by fives to sixty and for 10 minute increments we count together by tens to sixty.

  Actively Monitoring Students
  Checks for Understanding: Actively Monitoring Students
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Fractional Parts of an Hour: An Investigation

Unit 6: Time
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain that an hour can be written as several different fractions. They will color representative segments on a clock.

Big Idea: Time and fractions are related!

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