Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Money Games - Section 1: The Money Centers


Although I have given a typed set of directions for each center, I know that my students are not all at the same point in their understanding of money and money patterns (or reading comprehension and instruction following!). As students move from center to center, I move among the groups, making adaptations based on student understanding.

In the center where students are buying objects, for several students I have them count out the price rather than the change. I know that they are still working on counting coins and bills so I suggest that they pick an item and count out the exact amount and pay their partner with that amount.

For the center where students are comparing dollars and cents, I suggest only 2 cards to start. I explain that they should just compare the dollar amounts and we will add the change later. I also give students a small dot of paper to represent the decimal point and tell them to put 2 cards on each side of the decimal point so they can clearly see dollars and cents.

I know that I need to be ready to adapt my lessons to meet the needs of my students.

  Adapting for Individual Needs
  Diverse Entry Points: Adapting for Individual Needs
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Money Games

Unit 10: Money
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT add and subtract money in a variety of situations.

Big Idea: Money is always fun to work with and it helps children manipulate larger numbers.

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Math, Money, addition, subtraction, coins
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