Reflection: Lesson Planning Writing and Solving Number Stories - Section 1: Creating the Word Problems


Today I was checking students' ability to read a graph, and to use the data to write a word problem that contained the information, a question and a solution.

Students often write the data, but then forget to ask the question. I was hoping that they would realize that they needed a question to make their word problem make sense. I also wanted to see if they could interpret all the data on the graph to be able to ask a question that made sense. 

Several students wanted to compare two unrelated bits of information and I realized that this was something that I did not clarify for them. They wanted to relate the points on one person's leaf to the number of leaves on the branch of another person's tree. I had not talked about how this would not be a true comparison of the data, because the 2 were unrelated. 

This was a check of my own teaching and understanding of what students knew. I was taking for granted that they would compare the leaves of one person with the points on the leaves of the same tree. This was something I didn't talk about with students prior to their working on the word problems. 

It is easy to assume that students think the way adults do, but we must constantly remind ourselves that their understandings are different, their experiences are different, and if we want them to be able to do something, we need to make sure that we are clear with our expectations and directions.

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Writing and Solving Number Stories

Unit 8: Numbers Have Patterns
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT use class data to write and solve number stories.

Big Idea: We can apply math to almost every part of the day and make math have a purpose for students.

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