Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Money Word Problems: What can I buy with the change in my pocket? - Section 3: Guided Practice


When I taught this lesson, many of my students struggled to efficiently determine which items they could buy with the change at hand since they did not have good estimation skills and added numbers together that were clearly less or more than the total amount of change.  Thus, students spent a lot of time adding together amounts that did not get them close to the total amount.  Next year when I teach this lesson, I will do more to encourage estimation by discussing ways to determine which two items are close to the right amount.  Introducing estimation and encouraging students to use estimation would have also helped my students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of this type of word problem. 

  Common student misunderstanding
  Adjustments to Practice: Common student misunderstanding
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Money Word Problems: What can I buy with the change in my pocket?

Unit 10: Money
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT choose items to buy given costs of the item and the amount of money at hand.

Big Idea: Students determine what items they can buy with the coins that they have on hand.

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