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At the beginning of this lesson, students knew that they had prior knowledge of repetition and patterns in literature, songs, and media, but they did not understand its purpose.  They were receptive learners.  But, they understood the reason an author would use this technique only once they became authors themselves.  They learn by taking the role of the author, whose job is to communicate through writing.  Students learn that techniques in writing help to make communication more effective.

  Prior Knoweldge
  Student Feedback: Prior Knoweldge
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Mentor Text: Predictable Text

Unit 12: Mentor Texts
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT organize writing into predictable patterns.

Big Idea: How do patterns in text develop writing style ?

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English / Language Arts, repetitive pattern, Writing, Writing Process, mentor books, patterns,, repetition, predictable, literary device, writing conventions
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