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It is worthwhile to repeatedly explain the purpose of assessments to students.  Despite our shift away from letter grades, my third graders still hold on to traditional beliefs about grades.

Teacher: "Why do I give you assessments?  Tests, quizzes..."

Student: "To give us a grade."

Teacher: "What is a grade?"

Student:  "An A or a B or a 4 or a 5."

Teacher: "Why would tests be marked with a grade or a number?"

Student: "So we know if we did good."

Teacher: "Well.  What does it mean to do well?"

Student:  "It means you get, like, an A or a B or a 4 or a 5."

Teacher: "What does a 4 mean?"

Student: "That I did good.  Well."

Teacher: "What does that mean?"

It's like a comedy routine.  These conversations just keep cycling around.  By the end of the year, if not earlier, I want students to understand that tests are what I use to guide my instruction.  If students know something, I will not keep teaching them something they've already mastered.  

Also, it alerts me to specific details of what I need to teach and reteach.  Tests and quizzes are also an objective way for them to develop an understanding of their ability to apply a concept or skill without any assistance.  This is all part of developing that critical ability to think about their own thinking and to become more aware and self-directed learners.

  Helping Students Understand the Purpose of Assessments
  Unit Exams: Helping Students Understand the Purpose of Assessments
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Time Midway Assessment

Unit 6: Time
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT express what they understand, how they have grown, and areas in which they still feel that they need more practice.

Big Idea: Periodic checks are an important tool for directing further instruction and differentiation.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, telling time, elapsed time, time, assessment
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