Reflection: Student Led Inquiry "I Am" Poems - Section 2: Two Models


Today it turned out that nearly half the class was not in class due to a field trip, so I adjusted the class a little bit.  When we worked with the Carl Sandburg poem, as I expected, the students were able to make connections between words and phrases and talk about tone and central idea without doing the word map.  This was enhanced, however, by the videos we watched.  I showed a couple versions of the poem from the Poetry Out Loud competition, with each poet having a slightly different way of delivering the poem for dramatic effect as they, as speakers, tried to embody "the people."  Here is another video sample:

With the addition of the videos, we ended up talking more deeply about the delivery, and how the words of the poem led the readers to somewhat similar decisions to express tone and to develop the overall meaning of the poem (they also talked about how it would be cool to do something like this at our school!).  

Given this, the discussion went a little longer, and they had about fifteen minutes or so to write their own poems.

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"I Am" Poems

Unit 14: Mini-Unit: Reading and Writing Poetry
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Objective: SWBAT to use personification in developing a theme or argument through analyzing and writing poems that utilize personification as a primary device.

Big Idea: Personification as a point of view can provide valuable insight into people.

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