Reflection: Real World Applications I Object! Strong or Weak Evidence - Section 3: Vocabulary


It was important that my students learn these words so they could be successful in our trial simulation, but they also needed to be able to use these words in life. After the work with this vocabulary, I began to hear my kids saying things like, " she speculated" or "how is that relevant?" I struggle still with making vocabulary meaningful to my students and trying to find new ways to connect new words to their lives. It's hard, but days like this I feel like I got it. 

  Real World Applications: Application
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I Object! Strong or Weak Evidence

Unit 7: Accounts and Viewpoints and Bias, Oh My!
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Objective: SWBAT identify faulty evidence by knowing the different forms of objections.

Big Idea: When viewpoints are shared in court, they can be thrown out if they don't meet certain guidelines. Let's learn a few skills to help us understand strong and weak evidence.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, argument (Composition), evidence, supporting evidence
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