Reflection: Student Feedback Analysis of a Model Essay - Section 4: JigSaw of a Model Essay


As expected, we only got through the sharing of two paragraphs because the brainstorm prior to it went longer.  However, the students were thoughtful about it, looking at lots of small details.  I was pleased that one group particularly noted the "conversational" voice, and when I pressed were able to identify some of the phrases producing that.  This is something I will pick up on tomorrow when we conclude this section--how the piece sounds first person but actually is not; the righter still maintains objectivity.  Another group noted some parenthetical asides, in a paragraph, another thing to talk about further, because in that case it provides explanation of allusions (for example, he says how Marx mentions Brothers Karamozov, and in parentheses briefly explains the reference, showing academic interest and increasing credibility).  Its always a challenge as a teacher to decide how much to focus on, since we could spend a class period on one paragraph, but I don't want to overload them.  So I try to add a little explanation, or a little extra, to what they are observing to add to their knowledge, without pushing too hard.

  Thoughtful, But didn't Finish
  Student Feedback: Thoughtful, But didn't Finish
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Analysis of a Model Essay

Unit 3: Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay
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Objective: SWBAT identify the organizational elements of an explanatory text and how these parts build on one another to build a unified whole through analysis of a model.

Big Idea: The explanatory essay is a specific genre of writing with its own unique organization and style.

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