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In my more traditional English classes I use a lot of poetry and always have students write; in fact I’ve done a similar descriptive exercise with James Wright’s “Lying on a Hammock. . . “, so I went in to this lesson confident that it would be successful—and it was.  We had a nice discussion regarding the series of images and descriptions and how they build to develop meaning and tone.  The students seemed to enjoy writing and sharing, although they were surprisingly a little sheepish at first when sharing, which was surprising, given how often they’ve read and peer edited each other’s essays over the year (and it was the most accomplished poet in the class who was one of the more reluctant ones!  We were in a different classroom today because my class was used for testing, and the teacher whose classroom we were in was also there; I wonder if that changed the dynamic enough to cause the reluctance).  Nevertheless, they wrote some good pieces, given the time frame they had—we’ll see if they use any of this set for their final draft (I did not collect these, since I heard them all, and I don’t want the pressure of assessment messing up their creativity!).

  Sheepish Students
  Student Feedback: Sheepish Students
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Poetry Prompt: Describing a Space

Unit 14: Mini-Unit: Reading and Writing Poetry
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use strong diction and imagery to develop a theme about a topic through a description of a place.

Big Idea: Descriptions can become strong arguments through the use of imagery.

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