Reflection: Student Ownership Mentor Text: Writing with Satire - Section 2: Developing Writing Skills


Students had writer's block when they were first paired with their partner.  That is the reason that I encouraged them to recall the example from the book, How to Lose All your Friends, as well as a graphic organizer to plan their writing.  Plotting out what they will write about and the sequence of it proved very effective.  Once students had ideas and plans of action, they were able to write pieces such as this Satire writing sample.

  Student Ownership: ownership of writing
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Mentor Text: Writing with Satire

Unit 12: Mentor Texts
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use the literary devices of satire to strengthen their narrative/opinion writing.

Big Idea: How do students use mentor text to develop a writing style?

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, mentor text, satire, wit, irony, sarcasm, hypwevolw, fantasy, literary device, writing conventions
  60 minutes
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