Reflection: Student Ownership Analysis of a Model Essay - Section 3: The Rhetorical Situation of an Explanatory Essay


My anticipated responses were correct with regard to audience, purpose, occasion, etc., in that students first said the occasion was "we were told to do it," followed by the audience as "a teacher" and the purpose "to get a good grade."  So they walked right in to my trap--I was able to pause in these moments and consider the consequences of thinking this way by tying it into persona.  Discussing the persona they are trying to capture was the most fruitful part of this--I asked for adjectives they would like a reader to attach to them after reading.  One interesting one was "personable."  With some time in discussion and me asking what "personable" meant in this context, we came around to maturity, which I navigated to thoughtful and academically curious--someone who is interested in the topic at a deeper level than a means to a grade, and interested in having an academic conversation about it.  We then talked a little about what this looks like and doesn't look like, a nice lead in to the close analysis model.  All in all, I think this was a valuable activity, and I will continue to have students reflect on their learning process going forward.

  Dispelling Myths
  Student Ownership: Dispelling Myths
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Analysis of a Model Essay

Unit 3: Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay
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Objective: SWBAT identify the organizational elements of an explanatory text and how these parts build on one another to build a unified whole through analysis of a model.

Big Idea: The explanatory essay is a specific genre of writing with its own unique organization and style.

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