Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Setting the Right Tone for the School Year: "Dear Students Returning to School" - Section 4: Formative Assessment: Listening Map


One student told me, "At first I didn't know what you meant with the listening map. I didn't know how to group the speech into three points, but once we talked about it, I figured it out." 

Had I not had students talk about the map with one another, and had I not talked them through the main points and the big idea, I doubt many would have completed the work. Still, I'm uncomfortable w/ having to provide so much scaffolding because I felt as though I was putting words and ideas into their mouths. The assignment is a lot to take in on the second day of school. 

  What's a "Listening Map"?
  Discourse and Questioning: What's a "Listening Map"?
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Setting the Right Tone for the School Year: "Dear Students Returning to School"

Unit 1: In the Beginning: The First Three Days of School
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT Evaluate John Green's point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric, in his "Open Letter to Students Returning to School."

Big Idea: Our world is a better place when citizens are well educated, which is why society invests in public education.

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English / Language Arts, Listening Maps
  55 minutes
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