Reflection: Unit Planning Poetry Slam! - Section 2: Practicing for Performances


Like most teachers, I often take classes to further my professional development.  In the past few years, I have been concentrating on courses that relate to teaching talented and gifted students.  There is a lot of discussion in my classes about multiple intelligences -- are they legitimate, should we value "all" of kids' talents and gifts within the classroom setting, etc.

Well, to be honest, I like the fact that Gardner's theories have made us more aware of the myriad talents that our students possess, and trying to reach kids on many levels makes us better teachers.  I don't really think they are "intelligences" per se, but I don't object to providing an occasional outlet for my actors, dances, artists, etc.  It makes class time more interesting, and it can give a student a much needed time to shine.

This activity wasn't really designed to address my students who like to move, dance and perform.  It was really just a vehicle for exposing the class to the works of their peers.  But, the kids took over and performed.  So maybe, even if we don't "plan" for performances, we just need to let them happen.  Or at least that's what my TI (teacher's intelligence) tells me.

  Multiple Intelligences? or Time to Shine?
  Unit Planning: Multiple Intelligences? or Time to Shine?
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Poetry Slam!

Unit 6: Unlocking Mood and Other Elements of Horror
Lesson 15 of 18

Objective: SWBAT perform their versions of the scrambled poem

Big Idea: This coffeehouse may be "decaf," but it has lots of energy!

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