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I am using this activity as the "assessment" for the unit, so this activity is designed to allow me to see how students are doing with the money concept but also who needs intervention and reteaching.

Although I have introduced money to my first grade class, money begins in 2nd grade with the CCSS.  There are many teachers out there who probably still teach money in 1st grade, though, so, as we all transition to the CCSS, I think this will be a good lesson for many who still want to explore money in first grade. It also hits on some first grade addition, subtraction, and number sense concepts.


  Assessing and Transitioning
  Relevance: Assessing and Transitioning
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Building Creatures: Day 1

Unit 16: Money!
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Objective: SWBAT will appropriately use coins for commerce. SWBAT add three or more addends. SWBAT calculate if they need change.

Big Idea: This two day unit culminating activity will ask the students to use a budget to buy supplies format he Creature Store and to build their very own creature. While shopping, they will have to add up their merchandise and pay for it.

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