Reflection: Shared Expectations Close Analytical Reading: Poe Article from the NY Times - Section 2: Reading Aloud: "What did Poe know about cosmology?"


Reading aloud is a source of stress for a lot of kids, but I think it can be a really valuable classroom activity, as long as it is not too frequent or conducted in a "high stakes" format. Reading aloud is a real-world skill, and the development of fluency is supported with reading experiences -- both silent and out loud -- that encourage students to "let words make meaning."

Even competent upper-elementary and middle-school readers struggle with fluency and pacing when they read, so reading in front of an audience encourages them to read with expression, which helps everyone understand the printed word more thoroughly.

Also, reading aloud in the "bump" style (wherein everyone reads at least a sentence and no more than a paragraph) helps to build community because students are forced to remain engaged, and they all work together to finish the article.

It sounds easy.  It is.  So, why not do it every once in a while?

  The value in reading aloud
  Shared Expectations: The value in reading aloud
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Close Analytical Reading: Poe Article from the NY Times

Unit 6: Unlocking Mood and Other Elements of Horror
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate comprehension skills by answering multi-layered questions about a newspaper article.

Big Idea: Poe predicted the Big Bang Theory?

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