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As students started the activity, I noticed that two of them needed help with the recording sheet. The idea of recording the ongoing total was a little confusing for them.  I also noticed that two of them just needed to focus on counting the coins and making trades.  So, I decided to eliminate the use of the recording sheet for them.  I am making this decision because the purpose of the whole unit is to teach students to identify coins by name and value, to make trades,  and to be able to count a given amount of coins.  This adaptation will not take away from the focus of the unit.

I had all four of these students sit at a table with me so that I could help each student individually as problems arose and to reteach the two who were struggling with the values and counting of coins. There is a video, Working With A Small Group, that allows you to quickly see this setup.

  Flexibility: Adapting For Appropriateness
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The Trading Game

Unit 16: Money!
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT collect coins and make appropriate trades.

Big Idea: Students will play the trading game but with an added twist.

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