Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding My Name is Yoon Part 2 - Section 5: Writing How the Main Character Feels


I feel my students did well in answering the question, “How does Yoon feel about living in America?” I liked how they went back and reread to find the evidence in the story where Yoon’s feelings were stated. It shows me they are internalizing how readers go about finding the information they need. I teach students who are at English Language Learners and that is why I engage in speaking before they write. It does help them formulate their thoughts.

I engage my students in illustrating not just because drawing it helps strengthen their fine motor skills, but it strengthens their critical thinking skills because drawing is a precursor to writing. It also allows them to remember important details from the text that they might have missed when focusing their energies on writing. Most of my students met the goal. Their writing examples demonstrate this.

The writing piece, ShowsUnderstanding, gets to the point of Yoon's feelings. She is upset. Now what is interesting is that the student does not show Yoon upset in the illustrations. I do like the student provided a page number where that evidence can be found.

Next, the piece, Sample 10, tells of how Yoon feels alone in America. She cites a page where it states how she only likes her name is Korean, which she wrote appropriately. Her illustration show a happy family made of mom, dad, and Yoon.

The writing, Sample 11, states clearly that Yoon is sad because of the lack of friends and she cites her work too.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Thoughts on Writing
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My Name is Yoon Part 2

Unit 14: My Name is Yoon
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of key details of a literary text.

Big Idea: What will Yoon do about not liking her name in English? Will she continue writing other names? Let's find out.

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my name is yoon
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