Reflection: Unit Planning Source #1: What Happened to Emmett Till? - Section 3: Anticipatory Set: Who Was Emmett Till?


My district has a curriculum map, and on that curriculum map, English teachers teach fiction first.  Nonfiction doesn't come until second quarter.  Granted, that curriculum map got messed up anyway because of the collaboration we did with the history department for History Day, so we didn't get to nonfiction until third quarter. 

However, one of the things that we've been talking about in our collaborative team meetings is how we can help prepare students for reading texts in classes other than English.  70% of the nonfiction reading is supposed to happen outside of the English classroom.  But do students know how to read nonfiction texts?  Do teachers know how to help students read nonfiction text?

One of the things we'd like to do next year, and since curriculum maps are supposed to change and evolve, I think we can do this, is start with nonfiction.  Start with the different types of nonfiction, organizational patterns, text features that authors use.  That way when students are asked to read nonfiction, they'll have better success because they've been introduced to it in English.

I found this book, Texts and Lessons for Content Area Reading.It has 75 mentor text and they're all nonfiction. There's also a fiction version.  I'll definitely be perusing this book over the summer!

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Source #1: What Happened to Emmett Till?

Unit 9: What Happened to Emmett Till?: Analyzing Multiple Sources to Discover History
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Objective: Student will be able to analyze a nonfiction article by discussing and citing main ideas and supporting ideas.

Big Idea: In which we learn about history to understand an author's motivation for writing literature.

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