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I found all of the problems to be important, and I did not want to take any out, so I actually completed this activity over the course of two days.  Just for fun, when the kids came in the second day I had the markers inside the socks and asked them to just grab a sock for their table - the color of their marker would be their new team color for the remainder of the game (I save a version of the smart file for each class so that the scores were in tact).  I love to add excitement and fun to the lessons - so this was a way to really get the kids going.  In one class the group that got the "bad marker" (lowest points) actually pulled through and made it the winner!

  It Takes Two Days!
  Adjustments to Practice: It Takes Two Days!
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End of Grade Review - The Number System

Unit 11: Culminating Unit: End of Grade Review
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to apply rules for operating with all signed rational numbers.

Big Idea: Put away that calculator, and turn on your brain!

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