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During the table challenge, the most common issue across classes was the last problem - given a few grades determining what a final test grade would have to be to earn a certain average.  I ended up doing a few more examples of this problem with the class.  Students struggled to use a formal equation, but they did grasp the idea of "undoing" an average.  Thus, they knew to multiply by the total number of tests and then subtract the grades already earned.  I would have liked to have seen more formal equations on students' papers, but at least they grasped the idea of working backwards :)

  Data Analysis: Summary
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Interpreting Measures of Center - What does the mean, mean?

Unit 10: Statistics
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Objective: Students will be able to interpret the measures of center.

Big Idea: I can find the measures of center – but what do they mean?! Students will gain insight into why different measures of center are often used in marketing/advertising.

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Math, making predictions, Statistics, 7th grade, measures of center
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